Top 10 print design trends

Ah, behold the enchanting world of print design, where paper reigns supreme, ink pirouettes like a ballerina, and creativity struts its stuff with a swagger. Imagine strolling through the bustling streets of the metropolitan or the cozy nook of your local bookstore where books whisper tales of adventurous fonts and daring layouts.

Trends in the print design world are as constant as sunny weather in the UK, which is never. Every new trend over the decades has had its free run before being stomped upon and dragged across concrete to be taken over by a new one, only to suffer a more gruesome fate later. Here we have tried to encapsulate some of the popular trends you should know about that reign with an iron fist in this age.

Typographic Wonderland
Typography, that magical art of arranging letters, has taken print design by storm. In the UAE, a trendsetter in all things luxurious, we see a peculiar fascination with bold, intricate Arabic calligraphy adorning everything from business cards to billboards. If only those fonts could teach you a move or two!

Colors that go Pop!
Vibrant hues and dazzling landscapes have always been darlings for designers. So it’s no surprise that print designers have embraced this for ages. From neon palettes that could challenge a rainbow to eye-popping and vibrant palettes, these print mediums scream, “Look at me!” and the world can’t help but stare, and be awed.

Desert Chic
Let’s face it, the UAE knows a thing or two about desert living. Print design here has embraced the mystique of the dunes, with elegant, minimalistic aesthetics that evoke a sense of calm and mystery. Think clean lines, warm earthy tones, and a touch of Bedouin-inspired flair. It’s like holding a cup of Arabian coffee while humming Sting’s desert rain.

Retro Revival
Print design has embraced a whimsical journey through time. Retro-inspired graphics, vintage typography, and nostalgic color palettes are making a grand comeback, transporting us to a bygone era where mullets, 8-bit video games, and lava lamps reigned supreme.

Sustainable Paper Love
While the world grapples with environmental concerns, print designers are leading the charge for sustainable practices. Recycled papers, eco-friendly inks, and tree-hugging concepts have made even the staunchest conservationist go a-ha! It’s like Mother Nature giving a high-five to designers, applauding their efforts to protect the planet one beautifully crafted brochure at a time.

Experimental Formats
Print design is breaking free from the shackles of convention, waving its creative wand in the air like Gandalf the gray. Unusual shapes, foldable wonders, and interactive elements are transforming brochures, business cards, and posters into miniature works of art. In the UAE, this trend has taken flight through the desert skies, leaving onlookers in awe at futuristic and mixed media designs at every street corner and exhibition.

Texture Temptations
Who says print should be confined to two dimensions? In the UAE, print designers are exploring the tactile wonders of texture, adding depth and intrigue to their creations. From embossed business cards to brochures that tantalize the senses and scream sophistication, these texture-inspired print designs will leave your competitors chasing dust while your prospects squirm in sheer delight.

Playful Illustrations
From adorable characters that could charm a camel or your grumpy neighbor, to quirky icons that dance across the page, illustrations bring a smile to the face and an extra spark to print materials. Print designs have embraced the world of animation and illustrations due to their timeless appeal for both adults and children. 

Fusion of Cultures
The UAE is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and print design is a testament to this beautiful blend. Traditional patterns meet modern aesthetics, Arabic motifs intertwine with global influences, and the result is a visual feast that celebrates unity in diversity. It’s like having a plate of mandi while sipping on a cup of karak chai. Deliciously harmonious!

Whimsical Words
Print design isn’t just about visuals; it’s also a playground for wordsmiths and copy ninjas. Creative wordplay, clever puns, and quirky slogans infuse a touch of whimsy into print materials. It’s like opening a brochure and finding a secret treasure trove of witty one-liners, leaving you chuckling and eager to explore more.