Creating beautiful packaging for the UAE FMCG industry

I don’t know what I’m doing. I just wing it.”  Don Draper (Mad Men)

It sounds witty and gung-ho when the charismatic ad man from the popular TV show says it. It’s unlikely that your prospective customers are going to buy it if you follow Don’s mantra to design the packaging for your FMCG goods.

Although we don’t particularly see eye to eye with Don here, we do love his undaunted ambition and charisma. Apart from a few billion dollars in the bank, a nice yacht, and maybe a few mansions in Italy, we have no other goal as a marketing agency but to leave your competitors in awe and your marketing heads do a few reverse flips in sheer joy.

In a world where attention spans are shorter than a Doberman’s tail, packaging plays a crucial role in catching the eye and winning over consumers. It’s like making eye contact with your crush and getting them to walk up to you. The Axe effect? Yeah, pretty much, except here the product can be anything!

There are plenty of examples across nations and eras that prove without a shred of doubt that creativity and innovation in packaging can sell by sheer visual appeal. Take the simple yet elegant curves of the iconic Coca-cola bottle or the sleek minimalistic packaging of the iPhone, they get into your head and live there telling you, Buy me! Buy me!

Enough globe-trotting, let’s bring the focus back to the UAE FMCG industry. Lets share some wisdom we acquired over several decades of rolling with the punches in this space to deliver some truly memorable buying experiences.

For starters, we cannot emphasize the importance of embracing the local culture. Hug it with all your might and how many arms you may have at your disposal. From traditional patterns to vibrant colors, infusing a sense of local identity will resonate with consumers and make your brand unforgettable.

Another pro tip is to keep your packaging sustainable. The UAE is making giant strides in this space. Go green, and not just on St. Patricks day as they do in Ireland! Explore eco-friendly materials, minimize waste, and communicate your commitment to the environment.

Finally, consider personalized packaging that speaks directly to your target audience. Add a touch of humor, incorporate interactive elements, or surprise customers with little extras.

Now that we’ve explored the wonders of packaging and ways to unleash your creative spirit, it’s time to make a move. Contact Bullseye Marketing today, and let us be your strategic partner in transforming your packaging dreams into stunning realities. Don’t let your competitors steal the show when you can!