Unbeatable tips to find the right design company in the UAE


Searching for a design company in the UAE can feel like looking for that one friend you lost in a stadium rock concert. But fear not, fellow seekers of design excellence! We’ve crafted this list of excellent tips that will not only help you find the right design firm, it will also train you on red flags to watch out for. You know, for instance a design company that asks you for payment upfront will probably fly by night leaving you sweating bullets.

There are a lot of design companies out there, and not all of them are created equal. So how do you choose the right one for you? Let’s break it down so you gentle readers.

A streak of genius
How many creative genies do they have on their team? The higher the quotient, the more likely they are to sprinkle magic across even your pea-sized initial ideas. Be sure to ask if the genies prefer lamps or latte mugs for inspiration! Some of them are really picky.

The master punsters
Look for signs of their punning powers in their marketing materials. Heck, a company with quirkiness built into their genes displays this in just about everything. Their casual banter, official emails, text messages and even sign language. Just make sure they are not over the top. Remember, you want witty and clever people, not a stand-up comedy act.

Speaking in tongues
We are not asking you to find possessed designers who speak ancient aramaic but people with experience designing for a global audience gets you ahead in the race. Teams that speak the languages of your target audience, from Arabic and English to Tagalog or Hindi. This linguistic superpower ensures that your design projects will resonate with diverse audiences, leaving them awestruck and reaching for their dictionaries.

A little mischief is A-ok
Audiences these days appreciate a small gag or a clever prank in their marketing content . Balance is the key here. You don’t want to be dragged and pummeled in the parking lot on account of an insensitive prank. Look for teams who already resonate with a sense of humor, while you talk to them or visit their offices, watch out for a fun-loving culture that is a good indicator of healthy, creative minds.

Save your pretty pennies
It goes without saying that you don’t want to burn a hole the size of Texas in your marketing budget. Some design companies bill by the project, some by hours, and some prefer a long-term contract. Whoever you pick, read the fine print before you commit!

Majestic Mustaches and Unicorns
In the UAE, the mustache is a symbol of power and wisdom, while unicorns represent whimsy and magic. Seek a design company where the designers sport majestic mustaches and believe in the existence of unicorns.

Okay, we were kidding about the last one. Whatever you do, engage with diligence and ask the right questions to see if the prospective company thinks like you and shares a common vision to achieve and grow together.

By considering these factors, you’ll uncover design wizards who can infuse their magic into your projects.