10 essential branding tips to grow your business


In the UAE, branding is more than just a pretty logo. It’s a way to connect with your target audience and build a lasting relationship. Remember that building a successful brand doesn’t have to be as hard as solving a calculus problem with an abacus.

Buckle in as we take you on a quick tour of must-do branding exercises if you want to entice your audiences, become rich, and live the good life in your golden years.

The name is the game
The name of a brand is worth its weight in camels, at least here in the UAE. Whether it is a classy sounding one oozing elegance or something that makes people do a double-take, think long and hard to christen your brand with a name that is memorable, easy to pronounce, and relevant to your business.

A memorable logo
Just like the brand name, a logo is the face of your business. It has immense power to drive conversions. Make your brand soar above the Burj Khalifa with a memorable logo that gets attention and people would love to flaunt.

Hummus-flavored business cards
Not really, but hey if you want to make it big in the UAE, embrace the local culture and use it to leave a lasting impression on people. People are more likely to remember you and your brand with a quirky or nice smelling business card.

Consistency is key
Don’t fall into the trap of constantly rebranding your materials based on new fads. Stick to your guns and make sure that all your brand material reflects the same uniformity and harmony. Its more important than people give it credit.

Sharjah Shuffle
In the vibrant land of the UAE, each emirate has its unique flavor. Before diving into the branding game, do the “Sharjah Shuffle” and get acquainted with the preferences and tastes of your target audience in each emirate. Understand their quirks, cater to their desires, and your brand will dance its way to success.

Insta or go home
Any brand these days without an active and engaging social presence is dead in the water. Capture the attention of your audience by creating visually stunning content that showcases the glamorous side of your brand. Remember, in the world of branding, if it’s not Instagrammable, it never happened.

Tell me a fable
Step into the enchanting souqs of the UAE, where stories come to life. Weave a captivating narrative around your brand that captures the imagination of your audience. Infuse your brand story with elements of the local culture and folklore to make heads turn.

Cracking the branding game is not as quick as ordering a karak chai in the UAE. It takes time, course correction and lots of perseverance to get the ingredients in your branding cocktail mixer just right. Be on the lookout for recent trends and always keep an eye on your competition to outwit them of any nefarious tricks.

Delight every time
Go the extra mile, sometimes that handwritten note, a video message or an unexpected goodie delivered with your product can bring years of goodwill and trust in your brand. People become brand advocates when brands go the extra mile to delight.

Customer Experience Magic
Crafting a remarkable customer experience is the key to brand loyalty. From the moment they interact with your brand to post-purchase interactions, create moments of delight and exceed their expectations. Remember, a happy customer is a walking advertisement for your business.

Forge alliances with complementary brands that share your target audience. Collaborate on exciting projects, cross-promote each other, and tap into new markets together. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, and brand partnerships can be the rocket fuel for your growth.