5 branding practices to avoid for your new company


You’re about to embark on a journey of brand building for your new company. But before you set sail, let’s dive into the whimsical world of branding blunders. In this blog, we’ll uncover five practices that are better off avoided like a date with a mountain lion. Learn more about leading digital marketing agency in UAE

The Logo disaster

Picture this: your brand logo resembling a tangled mess of spaghetti with shapes that hurt the brain. A confusing mishmash of colors, fonts, and graphics that makes people scratch their heads in bewilderment. Avoid the logo catastrophe by keeping it simple, memorable, and reflective of your brand’s essence.

Change is not always good

Keep up with the times. It’s healthy, but not so often that people wonder if you arbitrarily rebrand yourself just to see which avatar hits gold. Avoid the chameleon syndrome by establishing a consistent visual identity. Your brand should be recognizable even from outer space (well, maybe not that extreme). Remember, consistency breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust.

Buzzwords can be a buzzkill

Ah, buzzwords, those elusive creatures that dance around in the realm of corporate jargon. Imagine a brand spewing an endless stream of buzzwords like “synergy,” “disruptive,” and “innovative” without any substance to back it up. Avoid the buzzword extravaganza by using clear, concise, and relatable language. Don’t be afraid to speak like a human being and skip the fancy vocabulary gymnastics. Remember, authenticity beats buzzwords any day!

Do social media right

Avoid the social media fiasco by understanding your target audience, embracing authenticity.one wrong move can lead to an epic branding fiasco. Imagine a brand that tries too hard to be hip and relevant, only to end up posting cringe-worthy memes or insensitive tweets.

Inspiration vs imitation

Avoid the copycat syndrome by embracing your uniqueness. Stand out from the crowd, be innovative, and let your brand’s personality shine through. While your competitors’ designs may look super cool, blind imitation can make your brand look like someone who wears a pirate patch when designing branding material.

Branding can be a treacherous path filled with pitfalls, but armed with a good sense of humor and a dash of wit, you can avoid these comical blunders. Embrace simplicity in your logo, stay true to your brand’s visual identity, ditch the buzzwords for authentic language, navigate social media waters with caution, and never fall victim to the copycat syndrome.

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